Jaylen Grace is a one of our more talented, creative female entrepreneurs. She is a freelance writer, author of childrens’ and adult self-help books, and an international life coach.


She thrives on working with children and her interactions with them inspire her childrens’ adventure stories, notably: Omzak and Porridge, the Two Faced Parrot, for which she was nominated for the Greehnouse Funny Writer Prize in 2012.   Deeply committed to helping childrens’ development, Jaylen initially created OmzakThe Space Cat Warrior as a script for children to act out the characters. Omzak’sspace adventure was such a hit, Jaylen was asked to write Omzak’s adventure story.  This was her debut children’s story.


What adds to the interest in Omzak’s tale is also what gave her time to finish the book… It all began quite a universe away…


Born in North London, above a café, Jaylens’ Dad was Greek Cypriot and her Mum came from Manchester.  Growing up with such colourful characters inspired lots of Jaylen’s stories.  Jaylen always imagined of becoming a writer, but her Dad considered the profession too risky.  Like many women of her generation, job security for a girl meant the obligatory course in Secretarial and Business Studies.  For many working class families, kids were expected to be out working as soon as they left school and higher education was viewed as a luxury.


Landing a ‘dream’ job for a holiday company at 21 took her travelling to far- flung places and writing reviews. By 23 she was Personal Assistant to the Rolling Stones and added public relations and managerial skills to her talents. Although she climbed a career ladder other young women could only dream of and she absolutely loved this period of her life, her interests changed.


She wanted to help others find success and turned her aspirations to life coaching. Supporting herself through freelance writing and part time public relations work, Jaylen took accredited courses in Psychology and Psychotherapy and added Clinical Hypnosis to her qualifications… then not one to settle on her laurels or plump for easy options, took off for India.


At ‘Multiversity’, in Pune, she studied everything she could about leading workshops, took up the habit of meditating, which to this day remains part of her daily routine.


In 1990, Jaylen moved to Athens and in her father’s home country, she realised her entrepreneurial spirit. There she opened the first ‘Life Coach Centre’ of its kind, bringing her life full circle from her roots above the cafe.  The business thrived.


Over a few years, she wrote and published a number of books, including: ‘Reach for the Moon and Claim the Universe’and‘Abracadabra Now I’m A Winner.’ She had a weekly column in the Athens News, wrote for numerous publications, appeared on TV and was founder of a non profit charity called ‘Reaching Out.’ All was going well, but she was so busy, half written books lay everywhere. Jaylen craved finding time to finish them.


If one believes that the Universe always has the first move, then perhaps it was Fate, which intervened, when a freak rock slide, ripped Jaylen’s Centre apart.   Out of the rubble, came the granting of Jaylen’s wish…


For the past eight years Jaylen has been based back in London. She still teaches, but devotes most of her time to writing.

Her hobbies include cooking, dancing and music of all kinds. (This multi-talented woman co-wrote the music track Boogie Cat.)  This brings us to another of her life-long loves…


She has always been a cat lover her first cat, Pirate, was the inspiration for her very first childrens’ books, when she wrote stories about their imaginary adventures.


Now living with her daughter,whom she brought up as a single mum, they share their life with a cat called Sophia Loren. A rescue cat, at first, Sophia was the skittishest,aloofest, moodiest cat in the world (but aren’t so many of them!), these days she has grown into her new identity of Snugglebum under Jaylen and her daughter’s nurturing.


(It’s just possible that this slightly imperious cat behaviour has inspired Omzak, but best to  ask Jaylen rather than Snugglebum about this, as she might suddenly raise her Sophia nose at you and walk away, tail straightened in disdain…)


Jaylen also loves to get her adrenaline pumping and loves jumping out of aeroplanes, albeit not so adventurous as to do this without a parachute…  She is committed to testing her limits and learns something new every year  – last year being Kayaking.


Her daughter describes her as “the most fun person in the world’, if you can keep up with her” and given her well-rounded awareness of life in all its diversity, based on years of experience of outer worlds uncommon to many of her generation and exploration of the vastness of her own inner world, it is hardly surprising, she has a healthy grasp on reality and the significance of fun amongst all the potential big stuff going on on a daily basis.


Jaylen Grace is a pseudonym – her real name’s a Greek tongue twister, but she will happily tell you if you ask…