Healing technique to release negative energy attack

Healing technique to release negative energy attack

Love yourself. Make that your first priority

Love yourself. Make that your first priority

This technique is very powerful when you are hit by a wave of negative energy. This will usually be due to something you can’t put your finger but which results in a feeling of sadness or despair.  If you are puzzled as to why you’ve been plunged into a dark space, because five minutes earlier you felt fine, it could be coming from an outside source. Someone could be thinking ill of you. Someone could be talking behind your back. Whatever the cause, this technique will bring an end to your negative energy attack and release it into the universe where it can do no further harm.

There is a specific hand position which goes with this technique, and this is how to do it:

 Place your right thumb against your heart with your fingers pointing upwards, then place your left thumb, fingers also pointing upwards against the little finger of your right hand. Spread out the fingers of both hands so that they resemble an open fan.

 Inhale deeply and visualize a laser beam of light sweeping through your chakra system and gathering the negative energy which has made a home inside you. As you exhale, visualize this negative energy shooting out of your fingers and dissolving far away into the universe

Whether your negative energy attack came from the hidden recesses of your mind or belongs to the person who drove it into your being makes no difference.

 Keep repeating:  ‘I release myself from all negativity, whether brought on by myself or from another being. Beloved universe I send it out for you to transform and if it came from another,I send them goodwill and pray you will bring more love into their heart.’

Feel this sense of goodwill and love for yourself and the person who may be thinking or talking unkindly about you, shoot from your fingers with force.  In the far distance, visualize two hazy figures. One represents you. The other is an unknown figure, unless you get a sense of who this might be as you practice this technique, in which case you can give him/her a name

Feel this sense of goodwill and love entering yourself and other person and dissolving into gold healing light. Continue this technique, repeating the words given above for five minutes.

If you feel little difference after the five minutes are up, repeat this exercise twice more during the same day and you will feel the positive change in your energy field when the wake up the following morning.


Jaylen Grace is a pseudonym used by Stella Ralfini to write children’s books. She has been a Reiki master for 30 years (trained in Tokyo) and a spiritual/Tantra workshop teacher for as long.

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Think You’re Having A Bad Day – Read this!

Think You’re Having A Bad Day – Read this!

I woke up with an excitement to a day full of promise. I had a blind date after work, The Daily Mail were due to feature one of my articles, and the guy I worked for part time in publishing was going to let me know whether he’d give me pay rise.

I wore my favourite suit, cream suede high heels but left the house without my keys.  It started to rain, so I stood under a doorway waiting for my cousin jaylengrace_MG_4412to turn up with a spare set because it wasn’t just the keys I’d forgotten but my travel card.  My hair was soaked, so I grabbed an umbrella and ran for the train. When I opened my shoulder bag, the cherry yoghurt pot had exploded so I spent the journey cleaning out the bag, and arrived at my destination covered in sticky goo.

To cheer myself up, I decided I’d have a caramel macciatto. I was already late but thought what was another five minutes?

A man in front of me was ordering at constipated snail pace, as though he was dragging each word up from his bowels‘- and – a skinny latte – decaff – low fat caramel – extra cream – and..’he searched the board looking for what else to add. By the time he’d decided on chocolate sprinkles, I wanted to kick him up the butt. I was still thinking about him when I got on the bus and leaned over to pick up a Metro someone had left behind.

The top of my coffee carton flipped off, at the precise moment the bus jolted, splurting the coffee into the lap of the woman opposite. Everyone’s shoes were splattered in froth. All I could do was apologise and offer to pay everyone’s dry cleaning bills.

‘My day seems to have got off on the wrong foot’ I said

‘Should be more careful’ the woman with coffee in her lap snapped.

‘Could at least have aimed it where it would do no damage’ the man next to me said.

‘I’m really, really sorry’ I babbled.

Everyone had their legs in the air because the coffee was running down the middle of the bus. I got off feeling like a leper – And left my mushroom quiche and umbrella on the seat.

‘What a morning it’s been’ I said to my boss gesturing to my ruined outfit.

‘And unfortunately I’ve got bad news’ he said

‘I’m not getting a pay rise?’

‘I have to let you go’

I felt a mess and looked it, I’d lost my job and the idea of going on a blind date didn’t thrill, but he was apparently good looking, and had a great sense of humour so I decided to go ahead to cheer myself up. Then Sue (the woman who set up the date) called.

‘He’s cancelled’


‘He decided you’re too old’

I bought a copy of the Mail hoping that would lighten my mood. The headline was ’67 year old Tantra love guru recommends love potions for great sex’ I should have known they’d twist my words and make me look like an idiot!

I threw the paper in a bin, headed for the nearest pub and ordered a double whisky.

‘You look like you’ve been fighting in the wars, love’ the barman smiled.

‘Don’t ask! I said downing my drink in one.


Jaylen Grace also writes under her real name for adult content books.  She is the author of lovemaking manual Three Faces of Sex   www.stellaralfini.com  and can be found on Facebook and Twitter @stellaralfini.



Who says you’re fat and ugly!!! Tell them to…

Health-Quotes-10So he just said ‘You’re fat and ugly.’…. Is that what you really believe about yourself?  If you are fat, be happy about  it or do something about it. If you feel ugly do something about it. But above all, raise your opinion of yourself.

 So she just said ‘You’ll amount to nothing.’….. Is that what you believe? You are the only one standing in your way so raise your opinion of yourself.

 ‘He just said’ and ‘She just said’ are of no importance. They are other peoples’ opinions which in effect mean nothing.

You have to make your mind up that you’re special before you can be treated as though you are.

You have to decide you’re worth millions and start acting like a millionaire to receive. But more than this you have to respect yourself.

Respect equals high self-esteem and when you respect yourself, life’s blows won’t affect you so negatively. You KNOW you’re  as good as the next and will fight for your corner instead of backing off. You’ll brush off insults as though they were irritating fleas and won’t give a fig for other people’s opinions. 

Make up your mind this second that you’re special and keep saying it until you convince yourself.


The above is an excerpt from Omtopia (The seven steps to enlightenment)     @jaylengrace    www.jaylengrace.com

Jaylen Grace is also the author of Omzak The Space Cat Warrior and Porridge The Two Faced Parrot (shortlisted for funny writer 2012 award)



Don’t believe anyone who says they’re enlightened.

Don’t believe anyone who says they’re enlightened.

When I was younger, the one thing I yearned for more than anything was to be able to channel my thoughts so that I could experience what Sankara called ‘non duality’ of mind. To gain knowledge in this field I lived as a sanyasin for extended periods in India, lived with the Cofis (a Native American Indian tribe) in the Amazon, took lessons from a Taoist community in China and sat at the feet of some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers.

On the way I occasionally managed to slide into non duality mode – sometimes for fairly long periods. Then something would happen that made mincemeat of my mind and I was reminded of how easy it was to lose sight of the path.

A beloved teacher once said to me ‘Even a Buddha or Christ would have a great challenge to stay in a permanent state of enlightenment. It is something few human beings achieve.’

Having studied the world of chakras for over thirty years, I now fully understand what my teacher meant, because to stay permanently at the lofty height of enlightenment means that all five lower chakras have to vibrate in synchronised harmony and stay that way 24/7.   Four out of five isn’t enough and look what awaits us to successfully juggle in the lower world of chakras:

In the first chakra (Muladhara/root) which represents the world of Me and I, we are constantly tested to prove how much we like, love, trust and respect ourselves.

In the second chakra (Swadisthana/spleen), we have the world of relationships to keep afloat in loving harmony and are tested on how well we resolve family/partner/friend issues.

In the third chakra (Manipura/solar plexus) we are tested on whether we finish what we start (without falling apart!) and whether we live in equal balance with our spiritual and physical bodies.

In the fourth chakra, (Anahata, heart), we are tested on whether we show every day loving kindness and compassion to all and sundry.

In the fifth chakra, (Vishudda/throat) –it becomes obvious how well we have done in the four lower chakras because this is heard in our voice.  Our test here is to keep our voice harmoniously pitched even when speaking our truth (i.e when constructively criticizing another or sharing angry feelings). We are also expected to refrain from using harmful, hostile words or show any reflection of intolerance or reproach in our eyes.

Assuming, we have managed to juggle these five chakras successfully over a fair period of time, the purified, harmonised energy travels upwards into the sixth chakra (Ajna/third eye). This activates and opens the seventh chakra (Samashara/crown).

You might have thought that once you’d arrived at this ‘halleluyah moment’ it would be easy to keep the chakra wheels turning –  but – NO – the third eye can shut down in a flash at the first sign of arrogance or conceit..

I know we have all experienced glorious days and weeks when we are master jugglers. Then someone insults us, lies, steals from us or treats us unfairly and chakras down the line wobble out of harmony.  It’s frustrating enough that we have to start over but what makes it worse is that the monster that lives inside us (known to the world as EGO), loves nothing more than when we slip from grace because as busy as we are trying to bring our chakra lessons into balance, Ego’s as busy trying to upset the apple cart.  Ego could be described as the bouncer who stands outside each chakra, doing its best not to let us in because if we did reach enlightenment and stay there, Ego would be out of a job.  Every time we sink back into insecurity, become fearful, dislike ourselves or fall apart, ego takes its opportunity to torment us with our weaknesses.  It’s like a pesky leech and the only way to get its clingy suckers off us is to consciously challenge it to stay away every day.Juggler

Every morning I visualise myself drowning ego in a bucket of vinegar and throwing its carcass to the wind.  I then call on ‘higher minds’ assistance to steer me through the day by using an affirmationjuggle like this one: ‘Today I successfully juggle my lower five chakras through any challenges that might await. I approach everything with love, humour and grace and express this through my voice and in my body language.  Thank you higher mind for staying around to prod me if it looks like I’m steering off course’.

Before I go to bed I take my notepad and jot down how well (or not!) I did in each of the five lower chakras and how I intend to better my performance in any chakras that showed weakness the following day.

Some days you’ll find will prove real ‘halleluyah’ days…others will have you jumping up and down on ego’s fat butt!  However, the longer you keep up the above practise, the more glory days you’ll have so give those chakras a spin now to get them started and…

Happy Juggling.

Jaylen Grace is the author of Omtopia (The seven steps to enlightenment)   jaylengrace.com    @jaylengrace



My time with The Rolling Stones….by Jaylen Grace

You’ll remember we left blog One of my life with the Rolling Stones (read here if you ish:)   http://www.jaylengrace.com/854/ with me in Keith Richards country house, and his partner staring up at me as she enquired whether I’d like a cup of Earl Grey.

Her name was Anita Pallenberg….Keith was always my favourite Stone – although if I bumped into him in the street I doubt he’d know me from Adam. Even that day as I walked around his house marking items he wanted to take to France (where he’d become a tax exile and where the Stones would write Exile on Main Street) he asked me who I was. Only the week before we’d had a long discussion about Howling Wolf in the office – but those were heady times. Hard drugs were the norm. Enough said.

What I haven’t yet disclosed; which played a major role in why I switched  from the zizz and glamour of Rock N’ Roll to embrace a holistic/spiritual path a few years later, was partly due to a profound experience I had when I was 16. I won’t go into details because there’s still too much to share about my time in the music business. However, basically I was involved in a horrific car accident and pronounced dead. I clearly remember seeing my friends crowded around the bloody mess of my remains. They were crying because my heart had stopped beating. I was looking down on myself and saying words to the effect ‘I’m too young to die. I insist on being brought back to life!’

How I got back into my body is a heavenly mystery, but three minutes later I started breathing again. The only reason I mention it now is because it brings back a memory of Keith’s son (Marlon) who was about two.  After my ‘death’ experience,


I took up daily meditation. The morning after I stayed over at Keith’s place I was meditating in the garden when Marlon came running out and plonked himself on my lap. I turned my meditation into one he could join in with – a study of insects and their enthusiastic single-minded determination.  When Marlon began collecting ants and joyfully munching them, I felt it only proper to report this back to Keith.  Laughing his head off, Keith dismissed it with: ‘If he likes eating ants, let him get on with it!’

Five months into my six month PA position with the Stones, Thomas from Mykonos – the guy I’d fallen passionately in love with – With the intense brown eyes, sparkly white teeth who danced like a Greek God –  turned up in London. He’d booked a hotel in Bayswater for the weekend to surprise me. As I rushed from the office to fly into his arms (wearing my white silk floor length Ossie Clark wrap dress), Mick (Jagger) called to ask if I wanted to stay on and help with the running of their new record label, Rolling Stones Records.

Rolling Stones Records fell under the Atlantic label. Atlantic was part of the most famous record conglomerate of that time which was known as WEA (Warner, Electra, Atlantic) –To give you a taste of just a few of the artists on those labels in 1971, think… Aretha Franklyn, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, The Allman Brothers, The Doobie Brothers, Neil Young, James Taylor, Van Morrison – and, and and…

Even though 75% of me was still living the dream of being Thomas’s wife, the offer of working among such amazing music icons hung there like Eve’s apple, tempting me to bite into it.  I think you can guess what happened when I saw Thomas again. The illusion I’d built up around us crumbled.  He was shorter than I remembered, the bright yellow shirt that looked stunning when he’d worn it in Mykonos looked cringeworthy in London, the fact he couldn’t speak English irked – and the vision of me scrubbing clothes clean with a washing board, suddenly held the appeal of a bucket of scummy water.

Troubled and confused, I told Thomas of the promotion and asked his advice.

‘We made a deal,’ he said. ‘You either come to Greece next month to marry me or it’s over.’

Every time we made love I was thrown into turmoil. Would I ever feel again what I felt in Thomas’s arms? Would I ever feel what I felt when he kissed me, and his eyes locked into my soul?  I remember we both cried a lot. I remember the pain of saying goodbye because intuitively we both knew what my decision would be.

Six weeks later I was installed in my new office in New Oxford Street. On the very first day I was out on the terrace having a ciggy break when Alice Cooper came out weighed down by gold chains and his trademark black-kohl clown’s eyes to join me for a chat. Any artist who came over from the USA stopped by the Stones office even when the Stones weren’t there. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Robert Plant or James Taylor became as normal as talking to the local milkman.

However, the most thrilling thing for me turned out to be a guy (who unbeknown to me), sometimes stayed in a restaurant on the corner of our street. I used to run in occasionally to grab a take away and chat merrily to the Greek owner. On one such day, Cat Stevens came out of the kitchen. My eyes blinked in disbelief. What was HE doing there???? Cat was my BIG music crush. I knew every word of  his songs. I was besotted by him. ‘This is my son Steve,’ the owner said to me. ‘And this is Stella,’ he said to Cat. ‘She works for the Stones in WEA. You should be friends. She’s Greek. Why we don’t invite her to eat with us?’ My heart did twelve somersaults. I held my breath. Cat smiled politely but said nothing….and there that story ends…

However little did I know that soon I’d fall head over heels in love with the world’s sexiest tenor saxophone player, find myself on a crazy tour with Black Sabbath (and vomited on by Ozzy Osbourne), or change my style from designer clothes to embroidered skirts and wear flowers in my head. This was ‘Flower Power’ time (rooted in the opposition movement to the Vietnamese war), and proved a decade like no other in ways I could never have predicted

To be continued…

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Reaching the Number One slot for Three Faces of Sex on Amazon this week was another fulfilling moment in my life – firstly for me as the unknown horse in the race who charged past the favourites to cross the winning line – and secondly for every other unknown out there who seeks proof that when unshakable self belief is applied to practical nut-and-bolt thinking and steps, everything in God’s world is achievable.

You’ll know if you followed my series of Self Publishing blogs.  that I promised to show you how you could make money self publishing. You will also know about my earlier claim to fame for a book I wrote which is currently selling for $350 on the internet!   The irony of that story is that I didn’t make a penny – but today I’m ready to share with you the components that comprised my CONSCIOUS journey to the No. 1 slot on Amazon and to tell you how to keep the momentum going when new horses start galloping past to claim your throne.

As a long standing international life coach who has spent the past 30 years helping others realise their dreams, the first thing I want to say to YOU is that you can do anything you set your mind to. The reason why some never see their dreams become reality is because their goals are too fuzzy, so let’s blow fuzziness out the back door and make our priority CLEAR GOAL VISUALISATION.   In this case, we’ll apply the principles I used for Three Faces of Sex so that more of you unknown authors can bask in the glow of reaching No.1 position in the charts.

If this blog was about how to find a soul-mate/life partner, I could offer you techniques that have often been known to take root within a miraculously short time.  However, getting a book into the top three requires at least a year’s prep work.  Rather than going through it step by step and wasting paper space, please read at least a couple of my self-publishing blogs and we’ll move on from there.

So, assuming you have a great website that attracts regular visitors, have spent time building up your following on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, have written regular blogs so that you’re not a complete unknown to the world, let’s fast forward to six weeks before publication of your ebook when:  Your book cover has been designed, the blurb for back cover sorted and you’re ready to hand your work to a publisher who can also help you with the marketing side of things.

Since for Three Faces of Sex, I wanted to showcase the most inexpensive way of gaining global recognision for your work so that even those with limited funds could join the race, I chose Publish Nation as my publisher. Their editor proof read and formatted book to best effect for £95. The cost of publishing ebook was £95 and the marketing deal for free Kindle download weekend on Amazon was £95.

Whilst this was bubbling in the background, [Read more…]