Reaching the Number One slot for Three Faces of Sex on Amazon this week was another fulfilling moment in my life – firstly for me as the unknown horse in the race who charged past the favourites to cross the winning line – and secondly for every other unknown out there who seeks proof that when unshakable self belief is applied to practical nut-and-bolt thinking and steps, everything in God’s world is achievable.

You’ll know if you followed my series of Self Publishing blogs.  that I promised to show you how you could make money self publishing. You will also know about my earlier claim to fame for a book I wrote which is currently selling for $350 on the internet!   The irony of that story is that I didn’t make a penny – but today I’m ready to share with you the components that comprised my CONSCIOUS journey to the No. 1 slot on Amazon and to tell you how to keep the momentum going when new horses start galloping past to claim your throne.

As a long standing international life coach who has spent the past 30 years helping others realise their dreams, the first thing I want to say to YOU is that you can do anything you set your mind to. The reason why some never see their dreams become reality is because their goals are too fuzzy, so let’s blow fuzziness out the back door and make our priority CLEAR GOAL VISUALISATION.   In this case, we’ll apply the principles I used for Three Faces of Sex so that more of you unknown authors can bask in the glow of reaching No.1 position in the charts.

If this blog was about how to find a soul-mate/life partner, I could offer you techniques that have often been known to take root within a miraculously short time.  However, getting a book into the top three requires at least a year’s prep work.  Rather than going through it step by step and wasting paper space, please read at least a couple of my self-publishing blogs and we’ll move on from there.

So, assuming you have a great website that attracts regular visitors, have spent time building up your following on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, have written regular blogs so that you’re not a complete unknown to the world, let’s fast forward to six weeks before publication of your ebook when:  Your book cover has been designed, the blurb for back cover sorted and you’re ready to hand your work to a publisher who can also help you with the marketing side of things.

Since for Three Faces of Sex, I wanted to showcase the most inexpensive way of gaining global recognision for your work so that even those with limited funds could join the race, I chose Publish Nation as my publisher. Their editor proof read and formatted book to best effect for £95. The cost of publishing ebook was £95 and the marketing deal for free Kindle download weekend on Amazon was £95.

Whilst this was bubbling in the background, [Read more…]

I’m Famous For A Book I Never Made A Penny From!

I’m Famous For A Book I Never Made A Penny From!

With the publication of my latest book – Three Faces Of Sex – (a lovemaking manual which explores the benefits of open-minded, honest, loving communication), I thought I’d share this snippet about Three Face’s predecessor and how I’ve become famous without making a penny from writing that earlier book.

In the nineties I wrote a book called Gourmet Recipes for Sexual Fantasies. I visualised it as a great Valentine’s gift.  It consisted of twelve saucy (but tastefully written) fantasy scenarios for couples to re-enact when lovemaking began to feel like stale bread. (Three of these fantasy scenarios are in Three Faces Of Sex).

My then partnership-publisher allotted me an illustrator whose work I sadly loathed and to cut the story short I refused to pay the balance I owed until I’d been given an illustrator I approved of.

In the meantime, the highly successful yoga, health and mind-empowering centre I had in Glyfada (Greece) was reduced to rubble by a rock slide. All my work, and my beloved typewriter, was destroyed with the rest of my possessions.  The fate of Gourmet Recipes slipped from my mind as I spent the following year fighting to get compensation from my insurance company. This proved a waste of effort.

Simultaneously I was faced with another dilemma… My life savings plan which I’d invested through my financial advisor in Japan in dollars had slid to a quarter of its value! Deciding to bite the bullet I took the meagre sum that remained to start over (and if you’re beginning  to feel uneasy about the outcome please don’t, with God’s love, support and my positive input I turned my fortune around – not for the first – and possibly not for the last time!)

Fast forwarding into the 2000’s, you can imagine my surprise when one day, out of the blue, my daughter said: ‘Mum, I didn’t know you had a cult hit book on Amazon?’

I laughed and said ‘I wish!’

‘But you do,’ she insisted. ‘There’s a bidding war going on over the remaining few books. My friend Mark bought a copy for $80.’

I pinched myself. I WAS awake. ‘What’s the name of the book?’ I asked.

‘Gourmet Recipes For Sexual Fantasies,’

By this time I owned a laptop so I checked. And there it was.  An unpaid ‘job lot’ that no longer belonged to me because I hadn’t finished paying my dues to the publishing company. Someone was selling a copy for $130.  I bought it before it was snapped up.

Last time I looked, someone was selling a copy for $350!

Why this is happening with Gourmet Recipes only He who sits laughing in the sky cropped-jaylenlogo1.jpgknows. If this is my claim to fame, so be it.  Many, far more talented than I, have died without recognition. The way things are going Gourmet Recipes could become as expensive as a Rembrandt (lol).

Let’s laugh together because who knows how and when fame might come to any of us….

Find out more about Stella Ralfini at  and @stellaralfini  (Twitter).


Me – The unknown young woman who wrote the lyrics for The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Album!

photo (1)THE FIRST THING people say when they hear I was the Rolling Stones PA; went on to help run their record label and was subsequently headhunted to assist in the running of Warner International Music Corp is –  ‘Wow, what qualifications did you have?’

Generally I shrug and say something on the lines of ‘None to boast of, it was more a case of being in the right place and right time and possessing a huge dollop of self belief.’  It was my self-belief that eventually lead to me becoming an international life coach/author – And since this mini blog series is aimed at urging you to go after your dreams, let’s go back to when I was seventeen and it looked as though I’d be settling for a life where my high spot would be a trip to the local pub on Friday nights.

My father, a strict Greek Cypriot, was anxious to get me married off from the minute my mum caught me kissing a boy on the holiday site in Clacton where we had a caravan. Then, the biggest shame a girl could bring on a Cypriot family was to have a child out of wedlock (which fate arranged anyway at a later stage of life!) The boy was told in no uncertain terms that if he wanted to carry on seeing me, marriage was the price.  The boy was 20. I was 16. He was more than happy to pay the price. I could think of nothing worse but hadn’t yet found the courage to make my voice known and was married within a year.  The following year I moved out.  I said nothing to my parents and settled in an apartment in West Hampstead with five other girls.  When my father found out he disowned me.  I remember saying ‘I really love you Dad, but I love myself more and I need to experience life my own way.’

Fortunately, after some months, he came around to my way of thinking – probably helped because I was doing so well in my career! From the minute I’d finished the two year obligatory Pitman’s business training course in accordance with my dad’s wishes, (university wasn’t on the agenda for most working class families in the sixties), I landed one great job after another.  By eighteen I was working for the vice president of an import-export company. By twenty I was working for the chairman of Thompsons Holiday Holdings – One of my duties was that one weekend of most months I took travel agents to destinations in Spain to entice them to promote new Thompson hotels. This had the effect of giving me itchy feet so on my twenty second birthday, I took off to see more of the world.

On the island of Mykonos, I fell madly in love with a guy called Thomas. He had intense brown eyes, sparkly white teeth, wore bright yellow shirts and danced like a Greek God. When he kissed me, electric bolts shot through my nipples.  Three months later, back in London, I announced to my parents that I wanted to marry him.  My father, now concerned he’d produced a daughter who’d become a serial divorcee, played the voice of reason. ‘Take a job for six months,’ he said. ‘If you still feel the same way, I’ll take care of everything for your wedding.’

That struck me as reasonable so I took myself off to Brook Street Employment Agency in Bond Street and gave a girl my details. The following week she called. ‘I’ve got you an interview for a FAB job,’ she purred at high speed down the ‘phone. ‘And they only want someone for six months – and their office is a quirky apartment in Maddox Street where a king of England kept his mistress.’

She spoke so fast I thought she’d said the job was for Rolling Stone Magazine so was faintly surprised when, as I waited in the hall to be interviewed, Charlie (Watts) came out of a door that turned out to be a recording studio and walked past into the kitchen. When Mick (Jagger) followed, bidding me a cheery ‘Mornin,’ the penny dropped. I decided that second that whatever qualifications this job required, I would have – whether or not I did – and give the interview performance of my life.

A woman who reminded me of Mama from Mama and the Papas and had an afro hairstyle to put Jimmy Hendrix in the shade, poked her head around a door and waved me in. ‘This’ll have to be quick,’ she said, in a thick American twang. ‘I’m up to my neck in shit hon!’  Her name was Jo Bergman. She was the Stones manager and a tough cookie who fired questions non-stop. Ten minutes into the interview she gave her afro a pat. ‘You seem to know everything I need hon. D’you like salt beef sandwiches?’ I nodded. Jo picked up the phone, ordered and turned back to me. ‘Since you’re free to start, grab a notepad. We’ve got four hours to do four days work!’

During my second week as the Stones P.A., Jo rushed into my office, pulling on her flowing flowery silk coat and said. ‘Hon, I’ve gotta go meet the lawyers and won’t get back but Keith (Richards) can’t remember where he put the lyric sheet for Sticky Fingers and Mick’s in France!  I need you to listen to the words of the songs on the album, write them down and get them to the guys who are doing the album sleeve because they’re having a fuckin’ heart attack.’

‘No sweat, I said, imagining the job was a no brainer. Two hours later, nervous sweat poured down my neck.  I listened to some lines fifty times and eventually wrote my interpretations. I figured those who read them wouldn’t know any different and the Stones weren’t likely to check them because they were busy relocating to France to avoid heavy UK taxes.

This turned out to be a fascinating time because I had the job of writing inventories of stuff they wanted to take to their new homes.  My first memory of Mick’s house in Cheyne Walk was the smell of Floris Sandalwood. There were so many huge bottles of perfume and bath oils in the bathrooms, not to mention bowls of pot pourri and matching soaps, the aroma wound itself around my being and stayed for hours afterwards. This was the one and only time in my life I ever felt a twinge of wanting wealth and what wealth could buy. Funny how that just came back to me after so many years…

My first memory of walking into Keith’s country house was of his then girlfriend’s fanny staring up at me as, sprawled across a velvet cushion, she enquired whether I’d like a cup of Earl Grey tea…

(To be continued next week – including the ultimatum that sealed my fate…)

Jaylen Grace is the author of Omzak the Space Cat Warrior, Porridge The Two Faced Parrot and Omtopia (7 steps to enlightenment).  Under her real name (Stella Ralfini) she has also written Three Faces of Sex.

Children’s author Diane Mae Robinson reviews Omzak The Space Cat Warrior

Another lovely fellow author Diane Mae Robinson has kindly reviewed Omzak The Space Cat Warrior for her blog – All About Children’s Books at

Diane lives in Alberta, Canada in a small castle with a forest full of fantasy folk and writes The Pen Pieyu Adventures.

You can visit her site and the full review of the “fast paced intergalactic adventure” here on her site or below:

About the book:  Fast-paced, intergalactic animal adventure

Join Captain Omzak on this intergalactic adventure, in which he meets a little girl called Jodie and becomes Earth’s first feline martial arts coach. The race is on for Captain Omzak and his new found Earth cat friends to solve a catnapping mystery and defeat a sinister enemy lurking in the woods!

About the author: Jaylen Grace is a freelance writer, author and international Life Coach. She particularly enjoys coaching children. Whilst living in Athens, Jaylen opened the first ‘Life Coach Centre’ of its kind. For the past eight years Jaylen has been based in London. She still teaches but devotes most of her time to writing.

From the jacket flap: Hello. The name’s Omzak, Captain Omzak. There are two things you should know about me:
                            1. I’m THE best warrior on Planet Catopia and in the
                                whole universe.
                            2. I hate germs.
A while back I broke a peace treaty by getting in to a fight with a stinking, scumbag ape-like Varian who had dared to set foot in our territory. Now, I’m being punished. They’re sending me to England, Planet Earth. My mission? To blend in with those backward Earth cats, find myself a human so I can be their pet, and learn to be humble. And I just bet it’s going to be filthy down there.

The smelly cat, Zorba
Illustrations by Almuth Scheller
What I thought: This is a very well written book with a unique story line about a warrior cat who is sent to Earth (as a punishment) to live as a regular cat. Omzak is a brilliantly created character, and the supporting characters are fun.  The important moral values of the story encompass: love, friendship, not judging other, courage, and the importance of believing in oneself. Omzak made me laugh as he got himself in and out of situations, some involving too many germs (his phobia). The author is an International Life Coach, who particularly enjoys working with children. This book reflects her passion for coaching and guiding children through life. Omzak is a definite must read for children and adults alike. It’s a great adventure book.

There are several incredible black & white illustrations, and some black & white with color illustrations that really enhance the reading experience.

Illustrations by Almuth Scheller
 Visit the author’s website where you can join the Warrior Club. find a ‘Boogie Cat’ music download, and more fun things:



Barnes & Noble:

Book Trailer:

Jaylen Grace interviews fellow children’s author Jeff Botch

Jaylen Grace interviews fellow children’s author Jeff Botch

big feats coverJaylen Grace has recently had the tremendous fortune of spending a little more time with fellow children’s author and self-development advocate Jeff Botch, the following is an interview with Jeff which brings out some of his fantastic knowledge and talks about his brilliant books for children and their personal development.


Question – Well, unlike me, you’re an author who actually doesn’t say a lot about himself. That’s brilliant as far as I’m concerned because we can get down to some nitty gritty facts regarding your life and writing that I can’t see documented anywhere! As you know I’ve read Big Feats and gave it a 5 star review on Amazon because I genuinely believe this book should be used as a tool in children’s schools to further their development.  For those who haven’t read Big Feats and don’t know what I’m talking about however, would you like to tell us what the ASAP model formula you created for this book stands for….


Jeff’s answer:

Absolutely Jaylen!  But first I would like to thank you for this opportunity and let you know how much of a fan I am of you and the books that you write for kids.

ASAP is an acronym for four very important attributes.  These attributes are Attitude, Self-Development, Action and Persistence.


Questioncan you remember Jeff where and how this formula came to you?  Was it a slow process or did it just hit you between the eyes one day?


Jeff’s answer:

The model was created based on many years of my own personal development efforts.  I read lots of books and listened to many self-development and motivational tapes.  I eventually got to the point where I prioritized all the things I learned and determined that these 4 areas would assist me in achieving success.  After using the model in my own life for a prolonged amount of time I was confident that it could be used by everyone, including children to achieve success.  The acronym did hit me between the eyes one day when I was driving to work and reflecting upon the attributes.  It came to me and I was amazed how long it took considering I had already been using the steps.


Question – I know you’re in the process of writing two more books for children and that they will be based on the activities you do with your children.  Will these also be for 4 – 8 year olds, will they include your ASAP formula and will you be using the same two illustrators (Lisa and Rosemary) who did the excellent illustrations for Big Feats?


Jeff’s answer:

Yes, I do have a couple manuscripts that I have been working on and they will be ideal for children ages 4-8.  Big Feats is unique in that it is divided into four separate sections, each one addressing a step in the model.  The two manuscripts that I will eventually have published are more poetic and do not address the model.  Regarding the illustrations, I cannot imagine using anyone but Lisa Michaels and Rosemarie Gillen.

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Find Jaylen’s books on Everything Books and Authors and WIN them too!

Find Jaylen’s books on Everything Books and Authors and WIN them too!



Everything Books and Authors is a great site with lots of information for authors and budding authors and it has a great presence on Twitter via @WriterToniC. If reading is more your thing then there are tonnes of freebies and competitions.


You can win signed copies of Omzak, Omtopia andPorridge with a few added extra’s too! Find out how here.