Deep meditation to open the heart

If you wish to feel connected to the whole, here is a meditation to help you transform feelings of suffering to a conscious understanding that it is up to us whether or not we wither or thrive heart-wise.   I know how much pain you’ve felt – how misunderstood and lonely you have felt. Take heart, for when you truly love yourself, nothing can kill your spirit. You will become stronger, not only because forgiveness 3730761will become a natural part of you, it will heal you in the process.       Make yourself comfortable.  Do this meditation with me now:

Imagine that you are deep in a forest, your back resting against the trunk of a big, old tree.  A tree that has been there for hundreds of years, watching families come and go, watching babies being born, watching people fight, make love, grow old and die.

Feel yourself as being part of that tree, observing life as it observes it. No attachment to anything. It stays strong through the storms, knowing they will pass and loves all who sit under it equally. It accepts the person who takes its



fruit. It accepts the person who comes to chop down its trunk, because its roots are strong beneath the earth, and not even a fire can stop its growth, or a hurricane shatter its resolve to see its branches heave with fruit again some day. Imagine that the tree you’re sitting under, looks over a lotus pond, and in the middle of the pond, sits one proud purple lotus flower which has found its way through the mud. You can smell the fragrance of the lotus flower, drifting on the breeze as the branches of the tree fans its perfume in your direction. Take a deep breath. Allow this fragrance into your heart and as you watch, become aware that the purple lotus flower is shimmering with gold. Gold shimmers all around it like a silk spider’s web. See it caught in the sunlight as it starts to rotate like a wheel.

 The more you allow your heart to open, the bigger the rotating wheel becomes, drawing you into the divine where there is freedom from the obstacles in life. The tree and lotus flower, working together, draw you deeper into this vortex of spinning purple and gold energy, filling you with their wisdom and grateful acceptance of life. 

You start to feel gratitude flooding your heart for whatever you have in your life, and as gratitude floods it, you are swept inside a vortex of spinning purple and gold which begins to vibrate around you. Breathing into this energy, your energy field expands and your beautiful, shiny aura, fills the forest. You can see yourself, a capsule of golden light, sitting in the middle of a forest, where everything’s a part of the divine and nothing is judged. 

Breathing out, expand your energy field. Breathing in, breathe in the wisdom of the universe. Breathing out, let go of your conditioned beliefs, the pain, sadness and frustration you feel. Breathing in, breathe more light into your being. Feel your heart expanding. Feel pulsating purple light, penetrating each of your chakras. Visualise your purple lotus flower opening petal by petal and when all the petals are open, breathe this purple consciousness into your heart.  Feel the feeling of love for yourself wash over you.  Let go of everything else.  None of it is real and will pass. Love yourself and you will thrive and never wither.


 Jaylen Grace is the author of Omzak, Porridge and Omtopia.  She has been a Reiki master and spiritual life coach for over thirty years  @jaylengrace





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