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Jaylen Grace’s long-anticipated debut novel does not disappoint her Omzak fans, young and old!‘ Omzak The Space Cat Warrior’ now looks set to be made into a major film, which means we are likely to hear much more of this extraordinary Catopian long into the future. .Jaylen Grace combines her wealth of polymath experience and wisdom into her inspirational, amusingly, starched-jacketed hero.

The spiritual psychology and philosophy Jaylen is known by her adult readership for will cat-apult this singularly excellent cat’s tale of adventure into the pantheon of animal legends such as ‘Pooh Bear’, ‘Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’ and Dr.Seuss. Memorable for vivid, visual and descriptive roller-coaster-ride-relationships between characters in journeys made by Omzak and fellow travel companions here on Earth convey positive messages for children everywhere, whatever their age.

Everything is here that makes you realise why your cat is indeed quite superior, when not just behaving very oddly or in need of some tender understanding. Laugh, cry and be amazed at the antics of this extraordinary Catopian, his clan and his cat-whisperer human friend.

Children will love this book for as many different reasons as children are different and the same across time and place. They will come back to it at different ages and love it in new ways as they grow with Omzak and his compatriots. Omzak’s destiny is greater than he yet knows, perhaps, as his followers will ask to hear more of his escapades.

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Featured in Cat World, Your Cat, The Cat, Guardian Newspaper series, Book Forum and more.

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Omzak has featured in Cat World, Your Cat, The Cat, The local Guardian newspaper series, Book Forum and more.

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Meet the cast of Omzak The Space Cat Warrior

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Omzak has his very own page at, where you can enter his competitions, join the warrior club, meet the cast and find a great opportunity to get a feel for the book by listening to Jaylen Grace herself read Chapter 1 available as a Podcast. You can also listen to some of the cast talk and see their illustrations. You can read all wonderful Omzak reviews in one place too. Pop over and take a look but make sure you come back and read about Jaylen’s newest children’s book Porridge -The two faced parrot.

Some of ‘Omzak The Space Cat Warrior’ readers’ comments on Amazon:

I bought this book as a birthday present. I got so caught up in it, I had to read into the night to deliver it on time!Great story, funny, well written and a good message for children.

I honestly think this book should be made compulsory reading at schools because it has so much that could be discussed as learning tools for children- friendship, kindness, letting go of judgement, how to deal with change,living in new environments and much more.


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