The Subject Tonight is Love

The Subject Tonight is Love

My wish is for more love to fill the world and for couples to feel more loving kindness in their hearts.


This poem by Hafiz, which has been translated here by Daniel Ladinsky says it all.  It is called

‘It happens all the time in heaven’

It happens all the time in heaven and some day

It will begin to happen again on earth

That men and women who are married, and men and women who are lovers

And women and women who give each other light

Often will get down on their knees

And while so tenderly holding their lover’s hand

With tears in their eyes, will sincerely speak, saying

‘My dear, How can I be more loving to you –

How can I be more kind?’


How NOT to allow the mind to steal your contentment

How NOT to allow the mind to steal your contentment

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Some are blessed with feeling contentment without striving for it.  The rest of us usually live through a choppy sea of experience before we get to the point of making contentment a priority in our lives. This usually comes about after we’ve realised that striving to reach the top of our profession, being able to shop in top designer stores or holidaying in Barbados, hasn’t delivered the inner happiness we yearned.

Somewhere in our minds we’d made ourselves believe that material wealth and possessions would provide the key to unlock the door to contentment and of course they can – when the mind is in the right space. A contented person is one who knows how to roll with the waves and never loses sight of finding a blessing in all – Even when the shifting shape of life takes us from living in a mansion to a hut. However, this can only come about when we have dropped the need to ‘impress’ and feel at home with whatever challenges life throws our way.

The only way this can come about is by exploring the core of contentment.  Step one is to love ourselves. Step two is to work on our relationships with others.  Once we have mastered these two requirements, contentment has a collective beauty which brings many things to life. BUT, to feel at peace with whatever life throws at us, we have to oust the ego that sits in judgement of our thoughts and tells us we will only feel contented –

WHEN this or that happens or changes.

There is no when.  There is only now.  Contentment is a moment to moment river of wanting harmony more than anything else.  When nurtured well, this flows into the sea taking discontent with it.       Forever.

Start by looking around at the people you know and drop whatever judgements you have because contentment can never be yours whilst you are picking holes in others or your life situation. Release all judgement from your thoughts. Allow life to change shape without clinging when it’s time to move on.

Allow others to be who they are.

Learn to listen without judging and to talk without judgement in your voice.

Life is a game and good games have no leaders. With the leader gone there is no conflict because …there is nothing to prove.

With nothing to prove contentment moves into our hearts, and we are no longer slaves to the mind’s demands.

Jaylen Grace is the author of Omtopia (The seven steps to enlightenment)

I knew this meditation rejuvenated my soul, but my looks too….

I knew this meditation rejuvenated my soul, but my looks too….

jaylengraceA couple of times a year, a group of friends and I take off to meditate for a few days.  We’ve all been on the spiritual path for some time and love nothing better that getting together and not talking. Yes, I did say ‘not’ talking. We set up our tent by a river, cook on pebbles and do everything in silence from the moment we open our eyes until 9 that night.

This meditation is a powerful one to tame the mind – and it’s incredible the amount of rubbish that surfaces when we stop talking. When the clock hits the designated time, we share our discoveries and new understandings with the stars or the rain beating down on us, and leave with minds walking on feathers.

The same child who last month, when looking at my photo on the back cover of a book said ‘You were much younger in this one eh Miss Jaylen?’ on my return yesterday said, ‘You’ve suddenly got beautiful Miss Jaylen.’

I always knew this meditation rejuvenated my soul, but rejuvenating my looks – what a bonus!


Love and Relationships – Blessing or Lesson? Give Love a Chance…

It is said when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. It is also said that some come into our lives as blessings or lessons. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend time with a man who fell into all three categories, and feel compelled to share how this ‘coincidence’ came about.

After lunch at a Greek restaurant last Sunday to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I came out of the bathroom to see someone I was convinced was a Greek guy I’d met in Athens some months earlier. He listened while I jabbered on in Greek and when I’d finished said: ‘That sounded fascinating. Perhaps you’d like to repeat it in English?’

‘Oh,’ I said. ‘I’m so sorry. You’re obviously not the Yianni – which means John in English – I thought I knew.’

‘Well, my name is John,’ he laughed. ‘And my Greek friends do call me Yianni.’

I cannot describe the degree to which I felt drawn to this stranger but left him in peace to eat his lunch and returned to my table. However, his energy field held me captive so when the meal was over, I wrote a spontaneous note and handed it to him as I left the restaurant.

‘Mum?’ my daughter quizzed me later. ‘Who was that man? What did you write?’

‘He’s someone my soul insists I know. I asked him whether he’d like to explore our karmic ties before I go back to Athens.’

‘Karmic ties!’ she guffawed. ‘He probably thinks you’re a nutcase!’

However, John called me the next day and when we met my soul new instinctively that he had much to teach me and my heart surrendered to the warmth in his eyes.

Remember that at this point I knew nothing about him but if I had to sum up my ideal partner, it would be someone who was spiritual without any trace of arrogance. Someone who laughed easily and made me laugh. Someone who wouldn’t make me feel guilty for tucking into roast beef or enjoying a glass of wine; and who could embrace a holiday in Las Vegas with the same enthusiasm as a yoga retreat in India.

Yes, you’ve guessed. John ticked all the boxes. He’d grown up with a mother who was a yogi and had taught him about meditation, yoga and spirituality from a young age. Much of his life had been devoted to helping others and he knew the Dala Lama well because they worked together on projects to assist people forced to live in exile. He also had a wicked sense of humour, was chivalrous and utterly charming.

There was no doubt that John enjoyed our time together. It was obvious in his every word and gesture. However, at the end of the evening there was no mention of when we might meet again. Perhaps he hadn’t felt the romantic love connection which had blossomed for me. It could be that he just felt compassion because I had reached out, and had kindly answered my call. You might imagine that I’m now feeling sad that our paths might never cross again, but to me that would be like slapping the universe in the face for granting me a wish.

Sometimes, the coming together of beautiful energies only has a life span of a minute whereas I had a whole evening to relish. I have learned in life that asking why we can’t have the whole cake when the mouthful we had was so delicious, is an insult to the gift we were given.

In my 30 years as a spiritual teacher and life coach, many have asked me ‘Why’ a relationship had to end or why the other person didn’t feel the same way they did.  As one of my beloved teachers (Osho) used to say ‘The answer to ‘Why’ is ‘Because’ – and since because has a long tail, don’t waste time on riddles and get on with your life.’

I stopped living in expectation years ago and shall continue giving myself wholly to life as it arises, knowing that what is meant to be will be – and that happiness – however fleeting is something to be treasured.

When we have to say goodbye, let us not grieve over our losses. Let our hearts sing with gratitude so that they are open to receive more.