Healing technique to release negative energy attack

Healing technique to release negative energy attack

Love yourself. Make that your first priority

Love yourself. Make that your first priority

This technique is very powerful when you are hit by a wave of negative energy. This will usually be due to something you can’t put your finger but which results in a feeling of sadness or despair.  If you are puzzled as to why you’ve been plunged into a dark space, because five minutes earlier you felt fine, it could be coming from an outside source. Someone could be thinking ill of you. Someone could be talking behind your back. Whatever the cause, this technique will bring an end to your negative energy attack and release it into the universe where it can do no further harm.

There is a specific hand position which goes with this technique, and this is how to do it:

 Place your right thumb against your heart with your fingers pointing upwards, then place your left thumb, fingers also pointing upwards against the little finger of your right hand. Spread out the fingers of both hands so that they resemble an open fan.

 Inhale deeply and visualize a laser beam of light sweeping through your chakra system and gathering the negative energy which has made a home inside you. As you exhale, visualize this negative energy shooting out of your fingers and dissolving far away into the universe

Whether your negative energy attack came from the hidden recesses of your mind or belongs to the person who drove it into your being makes no difference.

 Keep repeating:  ‘I release myself from all negativity, whether brought on by myself or from another being. Beloved universe I send it out for you to transform and if it came from another,I send them goodwill and pray you will bring more love into their heart.’

Feel this sense of goodwill and love for yourself and the person who may be thinking or talking unkindly about you, shoot from your fingers with force.  In the far distance, visualize two hazy figures. One represents you. The other is an unknown figure, unless you get a sense of who this might be as you practice this technique, in which case you can give him/her a name

Feel this sense of goodwill and love entering yourself and other person and dissolving into gold healing light. Continue this technique, repeating the words given above for five minutes.

If you feel little difference after the five minutes are up, repeat this exercise twice more during the same day and you will feel the positive change in your energy field when the wake up the following morning.


Jaylen Grace is a pseudonym used by Stella Ralfini to write children’s books. She has been a Reiki master for 30 years (trained in Tokyo) and a spiritual/Tantra workshop teacher for as long.

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How to show gratitude even when you’re not feeling it!

How to show gratitude even when you’re not feeling it!

GratitudeOne of the main keys to open both the heart and the third eye chakras (and keep them open!), is definitely gratitude. Nothing reaches God’s ears faster than a sincere prayer of thanks –especially in times when life is less than perfect! Those of you who’ve read Omtopia (The seven steps to enlightenment) will know I use Sufi stories that have benefited my spiritual understanding.  Here’s one I love which illustrates the true meaning of gratitude:


Jannaid was a mystic who had many followers who travelled with him wherever he went and had become accustomed to his morning, afternoon and evening prayers. Morning, noon and night, they were exactly the same and full of tender emotion, as his voice rang out in gratitude.

 Tears rolling down his cheeks as he bowed repeatedly to the ground, he would say,  ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your compassion, love and gifts to me are so great I have no way of repaying you, but please accept my humble gratitude for all that you do for us each day.’

 The disciples would listen with heartfelt thankfulness, because wherever they wandered they always found shelter and food, and considered Jannaid’s devotion, fitting. However, on one occasion it came to pass that they were travelling through some desert villages . The villagers despised Jannaid and his teachings, and not only wouldn’t they offer them shelter, they wouldn’t even offer them a glass of water.

 The first and second day, when Jannaid began reciting his prayers, the disciples said nothing. They were very thirsty and had been burned by the desert sun, but respectfully held their tongues. By the end of the third day, tummies aching with hunger and with parched, cracked lips, they began to lose patience. It was one thing to pray and show gratitude, when they were being provided for, but thanking the universe so profusely when its ears were closed to their plight, seemed pointless as far as they were concerned.

 So the disciples gathered round Jannaid and spoke their minds, to which Jannaid said. ‘It’s easy to show gratitude when we have all that we’ve asked for, but the proof of true gratitude is whether we still feel it whatever we have, otherwise how can the universe know our offerings are heartfelt and not a symptom of the ego? We must aspire to perfection even when circumstances seem less than perfect, always trusting that God is listening’.

 The disciples sat down to join Jannaid and raised their hands towards heaven as he had done.  From the dusty barrenness it began to rain and the first plump raindrops fell in their palms. Openmouthed, they smiled at Jannaid as he began the evening prayer.  ‘We thank you for your compassion, love and endless mercy.’


  Jaylen Grace is the author of Omtopia (The Seven Steps to Enlightenment)  www.jaylengrace.com


Are you grieving for someone you lost?



A woman lost her young son in a tragic accident and was utterly distraught.  For weeks she cried and cried. and the sound of her heart torn sobbing, could be heard throughout the town.

Neighbours came, offering words of solace, but she could not be shaken from her grief, and one day, at the point of taking her own life, she was told about a wise man who lived in the next city. A man who could perhaps answer the question as to why her young son had been taken from her.  So the distraught woman went off in search of him and having found his house, knocked at the door.

  He looked a very kindly man, so she told him her story and posed her question. ‘Why me, why my son?’29404_425835237478048_749618179_n

 The wise man stroked his beard, went inside and returned with an empty glass jar, which he gave to the woman. ‘Go to every house in the city and ask anyone who’s never known tragedy in their family, to put a mustard seed in here’ he said.

 Thus the woman went off, knocking at door after door and talking to the people who came out until the sun started to go down.  It was a beautiful sunset, so she sat watching it for a while. Then she went back to the wise man’s house.

 ‘I understand now, thank you’ she said, handing back the jar.

 The wise man held the glass jar up to the light. It was just as he’d thought…Completely empty.


Another excerpt from Omtopia (The seven steps to enlightenment) by Reiki master  Jaylen Grace.

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Taking self pity out of the picture, from Omtopia – The Seven Steps to Enlightenment

Taking self pity out of the picture, from Omtopia – The Seven Steps to Enlightenment

Jaylen Grace If we go on feeling we were never loved enough and allow self pity to rule us, all we achieve is to fuel low esteem. To remedy this all we need to do is take self-pity out of the picture.


Visualise this with me – imagine reaching inside yourself, taking out your emotions and putting them in a heap.  You are now detached from the feelings that hurt and are able to state circumstance as fact. Think about what was holding you back – did you feel your mother didn’t love you enough? Was it a partner who hurt you? Record this sentence in your subconscious as you say it out loud.


‘I felt I wasn’t loved enough but that’s the way it was and from now on I accept this fact.’

Let go of the insistence in your mind that the day will come when your mother or father will realise what a marvellous son or daughter you were. Put a line through it.  If parents couldn’t see your worth, it’s their loss and not worth agonising over. If your partner couldn’t see your worth, it’s their loss. Move on. If you respect yourself, someone better will come along.

When we accept that our mother, father or lover, didn’t live up to our expectations and can embrace this fact, criticism disappears. More importantly, we can throw down the crutches that bound us to the past and move into a space where we ‘judge’ nothing.

We accept that we are ‘perfectly imperfect’ and so is everyone else.  We accept that our flaws equal the flaws we see in others and no longer need to defend them. We are what we are, they are what they are and there is no one to blame.


Can you feel the inner peace that comes with this understanding?

This is an excerpt from Omtopia (The seven steps to enlightenment) by Jaylen Grace.




I am a rat! Since I joined the rank of rats, I’m much more relaxed.

It came about after reading a book called ‘Who Stole My Cheese’ by Spencer Johnson.  He pointed out the difference between rats and humans was that when rats discovered something wasn’t working they tried something else and didn’t give up.  When humans found something wasn’t working, they looked for something or someone to blame.


Numerous times in my human condition I rammed myself at a wall, determined to break it down if it killed me.  These days I take a softer approach. If I’m passionate about something I don’t give up but I don’t make myself ill over it.  I think about the man who decided to eat an aeroplane to prove it could be done and chopped it into bits until he’d achieved it.


I no longer feel I’ve failed because I haven’t found the key to fit the lock.  I think of Thomas Edison.  After his 700th attempt to create the electric light bulb, he was approached by a journalist of the New York Times.

‘So how does it feel to have failed so many times?’ he was asked.

Eddison replied ‘I haven’t failed once. I’ve just proved those 700 ways don’t work.’


Now, when I find myself writing the same chapter umpteen times (and throwing it in the trash), I tell myself each attempt is bringing me closer to the final version.

I’ve stopped banging my head against the wall in desperation. I’ve stopped blaming myself when I can’t get a handle on something. I’ve stopped blaming others when things go awry.  As a rat, I get on with life without analysing the ‘becauses’.  This I was helped with by my teacher in India.  When I asked him why something I’d strived for so hard had crumbled to dust, he said ‘Because’.

‘Because of what?’ I asked.

‘Who knows,’ he said. ‘Don’t waste your life dwelling on it.’

So I took his advice.  I know I can’t win them all but walls no longer thwart me.

Rats always find a way round without stressing out when they can’t get through – and with practice, I’m beginning to get the hang of it.

Jaylen Grace is the author of Omtopia (The seven steps to enlightenment), Omzak The Space Cat Warrior and Porridge The Two Faced Parrot.

How NOT to allow the mind to steal your contentment

How NOT to allow the mind to steal your contentment

Image from visualise.com


Some are blessed with feeling contentment without striving for it.  The rest of us usually live through a choppy sea of experience before we get to the point of making contentment a priority in our lives. This usually comes about after we’ve realised that striving to reach the top of our profession, being able to shop in top designer stores or holidaying in Barbados, hasn’t delivered the inner happiness we yearned.

Somewhere in our minds we’d made ourselves believe that material wealth and possessions would provide the key to unlock the door to contentment and of course they can – when the mind is in the right space. A contented person is one who knows how to roll with the waves and never loses sight of finding a blessing in all – Even when the shifting shape of life takes us from living in a mansion to a hut. However, this can only come about when we have dropped the need to ‘impress’ and feel at home with whatever challenges life throws our way.

The only way this can come about is by exploring the core of contentment.  Step one is to love ourselves. Step two is to work on our relationships with others.  Once we have mastered these two requirements, contentment has a collective beauty which brings many things to life. BUT, to feel at peace with whatever life throws at us, we have to oust the ego that sits in judgement of our thoughts and tells us we will only feel contented –

WHEN this or that happens or changes.

There is no when.  There is only now.  Contentment is a moment to moment river of wanting harmony more than anything else.  When nurtured well, this flows into the sea taking discontent with it.       Forever.

Start by looking around at the people you know and drop whatever judgements you have because contentment can never be yours whilst you are picking holes in others or your life situation. Release all judgement from your thoughts. Allow life to change shape without clinging when it’s time to move on.

Allow others to be who they are.

Learn to listen without judging and to talk without judgement in your voice.

Life is a game and good games have no leaders. With the leader gone there is no conflict because …there is nothing to prove.

With nothing to prove contentment moves into our hearts, and we are no longer slaves to the mind’s demands.

Jaylen Grace is the author of Omtopia (The seven steps to enlightenment)  www.jaylengrace.com