Healing technique to release negative energy attack

Healing technique to release negative energy attack

Love yourself. Make that your first priority

Love yourself. Make that your first priority

This technique is very powerful when you are hit by a wave of negative energy. This will usually be due to something you can’t put your finger but which results in a feeling of sadness or despair.  If you are puzzled as to why you’ve been plunged into a dark space, because five minutes earlier you felt fine, it could be coming from an outside source. Someone could be thinking ill of you. Someone could be talking behind your back. Whatever the cause, this technique will bring an end to your negative energy attack and release it into the universe where it can do no further harm.

There is a specific hand position which goes with this technique, and this is how to do it:

 Place your right thumb against your heart with your fingers pointing upwards, then place your left thumb, fingers also pointing upwards against the little finger of your right hand. Spread out the fingers of both hands so that they resemble an open fan.

 Inhale deeply and visualize a laser beam of light sweeping through your chakra system and gathering the negative energy which has made a home inside you. As you exhale, visualize this negative energy shooting out of your fingers and dissolving far away into the universe

Whether your negative energy attack came from the hidden recesses of your mind or belongs to the person who drove it into your being makes no difference.

 Keep repeating:  ‘I release myself from all negativity, whether brought on by myself or from another being. Beloved universe I send it out for you to transform and if it came from another,I send them goodwill and pray you will bring more love into their heart.’

Feel this sense of goodwill and love for yourself and the person who may be thinking or talking unkindly about you, shoot from your fingers with force.  In the far distance, visualize two hazy figures. One represents you. The other is an unknown figure, unless you get a sense of who this might be as you practice this technique, in which case you can give him/her a name

Feel this sense of goodwill and love entering yourself and other person and dissolving into gold healing light. Continue this technique, repeating the words given above for five minutes.

If you feel little difference after the five minutes are up, repeat this exercise twice more during the same day and you will feel the positive change in your energy field when the wake up the following morning.


Jaylen Grace is a pseudonym used by Stella Ralfini to write children’s books. She has been a Reiki master for 30 years (trained in Tokyo) and a spiritual/Tantra workshop teacher for as long.

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A powerful technique to release negative ties…

A powerful technique to release negative ties…

VisualiseSwadisthana Exercise (2)    Releasing Negative Ties


Bring someone to mind (whether dead or alive) who caused you pain in the past. Such pain that you still havenʼt managed to pull out its roots.


Make yourself comfortable in an armchair (or cross legged on the floor) and visualise this person sitting opposite you.  Capture everything about them you can until you can see him/her clearly in your mind.


Take a few deep breaths and imagine you are looking into his/her eyes. If this brings tears thatʼs fine. Visualise the person looking back into your eyes and keep this steady gaze going throughout this exercise.


Visualise a silver chord coming out of your belly button that is connected to his/her belly button.  Visualise this energetic connection you have both been part of that you now wish to sever.


Say to this person ʽI am no longer going to analyse or cry over why our relationship could not have been the one Iʼd wished for but I am ready to release you from my energy field so we can both move on.ʼ


Repeat the above a number of times. Each time you do, imagine the person moving further away from you and the silver chord becoming thinner.


Say: ʽI wish you well wherever you are and wherever the road takes you. I also wish this for myself and am therefore severing all energetic ties with you.ʼ


Imagine this person slowly dissolving before your eyes and the glow from the cord becoming fainter. Continue to repeat the ‘severing all energetic tie’ sentence over until the person sitting in front of you

begins to dissolves.  If there was any violence or abuse in the relationship you had with this person then add ʽI did not deserve the treatment I suffered at your hands but I am letting go to make the rest of my life a happy, worthwhile one.ʼ


Mentally see yourself cutting any last threads of the cord that once attached you to them. Keep cutting until the only person and the chord completely disappears and the only person sitting in the room is you.


Shake out your hands, making the energetic sound of ‘Foo foo foo foo’. Shake all past negative energy away from you for a full minute.


If the energetic ties between you and this other person were particularly strong and painful, it may take more than one session to fully release yourself from your emotions. If this is the case, make it a daily practice for as long as it takes to heal yourself of the past..


This was another excerpt from Omtopia (The seven steps to enlightenment).  Jaylen Grace is also the author of children’s books  Omzak The Space Cat Warrior and Porridge The Two Faced Parrot.  @jaylengrace


Reiki, healing – and keeping it real!


I’ve been involved with spirituality and healing for a long time, and whilst I favour Indian attire when I lecture, those who bump into me in the street are possibly surprised to see a woman in her sixties, strutting her stuff in high heels and lipstick.

When I did my Reiki training in Tokyo 30 years ago, my intention wasn’t to become a Reiki teacher. What drew me to it was that a healing method existed that enabled us to not only to heal others by the laying on of hands but could be used to heal ourselves. This proved the case when I was cured of excruciating sciatica. However, I also saw it as a personal development tool and used the teachings to further my spiritual journey in many ways.

It was only when I opened my first holistic centre in Athens in 1988, that I started offering Reiki healing to those who asked. Later, I took it that step further and taught.

When necessary, to promote my courses, I have had used the words ‘Master Reiki’ because that is what students want to hear. This is fair enough because if you were going to see a psychologist you’d look for someone with a qualification in this field. My question to you is this – Have you noticed how some teachers change – and not for the better – when they are given the title ‘Master Reiki?’ Surely, being able to channel universal energy is something that should bring a measure of humility with it – Yet I’ve met people who when they say the words act as though they are expecting applause. Worse still are those who look at you mystically nodding their heads as though they can see into your soul. Those who can, would never make this obvious because they aren’t trying to impress anyone and have brought all their ‘titles’ into one glorious melting pot.

A wonderful exercise (which took me years to master before I could bring my mind to the space where illusion ends) is to say everything about who you are and what you are feeling in the same tone without attachment to the statement: ‘I am a mother… I am a sister…I am broke… I am a son…I am a lover…I am alone… I am an IT consultant…I am a healer…

When we arrive at the point of loving ourselves regardless of title, we are free of the need for others to look up to us.  I, for example, can happily write a blog about farting one day (I just wrote one!), and karma the next. Some ‘Masters’ may find this odd, but I see no reason to defend myself because I’m not trying to ‘be’ anything. I am being – myself, I approve of myself, and that’s all the approval I need.

Whilst Top Of The Lake was, in my opinion, an excellent series, that ‘GJ’ wasn’t the kind of spiritual teacher I would have chosen to follow. Of course she was a fictional character and Holly Hunter is a great actress, but real life teachers who talk in riddles – unless they happen to be Krishnamurti or Sankara – usually prove they have no idea who the heck they are!  In my book Omtopia (The seven steps to enlightenment), this subject is covered in the third eye chapter. It explains how some teachers become entrapped by the illusion they are a cut above the rest and come up with ridiculous theories to find fame or make money from the vulnerable.  An example of this took place in Athens some 15 years ago.  A man who called himself a Reiki Master, had written a book saying that he could spirit away bad karma from past lives. Women queued up to see him. I was told the therapy consisted of him passing the bad karma to his assistant, who took it to the window and threw it out.  He was thrown out of the country when someone went to the police and told them a black magician had passed on someone else’s bad karma to her and she’d gone nuts! In a way it’s laughable – but you and I know that ‘teacher’ wouldn’t get away with cheating people in the way he did for long, because the Law of Cause and Effect is always at work.

It is a known fact that ‘Flaky’ teachers gather flaky students. A classic moment in Top Of The Lake, was when GJ packed her bags to get away from ‘the crazy b-tches’ who’d surrounded her.  It was total brilliance and summed up where I believed the writer(s) would take the story.

If I have learned one thing in this life it’s to ‘keep it real’ so that others don’t build up false illusions as to who we are. Once, after a talk I’d given, a woman came over, kissed my hand and told me she was in awe of me.

I said: ‘Please don’t put me on a pedestal because chances are, you’ll see me fall off one in a bar some day and I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.’

Stay blessed. Namaste