Don’t believe anyone who says they’re enlightened.

Don’t believe anyone who says they’re enlightened.

When I was younger, the one thing I yearned for more than anything was to be able to channel my thoughts so that I could experience what Sankara called ‘non duality’ of mind. To gain knowledge in this field I lived as a sanyasin for extended periods in India, lived with the Cofis (a Native American Indian tribe) in the Amazon, took lessons from a Taoist community in China and sat at the feet of some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers.

On the way I occasionally managed to slide into non duality mode – sometimes for fairly long periods. Then something would happen that made mincemeat of my mind and I was reminded of how easy it was to lose sight of the path.

A beloved teacher once said to me ‘Even a Buddha or Christ would have a great challenge to stay in a permanent state of enlightenment. It is something few human beings achieve.’

Having studied the world of chakras for over thirty years, I now fully understand what my teacher meant, because to stay permanently at the lofty height of enlightenment means that all five lower chakras have to vibrate in synchronised harmony and stay that way 24/7.   Four out of five isn’t enough and look what awaits us to successfully juggle in the lower world of chakras:

In the first chakra (Muladhara/root) which represents the world of Me and I, we are constantly tested to prove how much we like, love, trust and respect ourselves.

In the second chakra (Swadisthana/spleen), we have the world of relationships to keep afloat in loving harmony and are tested on how well we resolve family/partner/friend issues.

In the third chakra (Manipura/solar plexus) we are tested on whether we finish what we start (without falling apart!) and whether we live in equal balance with our spiritual and physical bodies.

In the fourth chakra, (Anahata, heart), we are tested on whether we show every day loving kindness and compassion to all and sundry.

In the fifth chakra, (Vishudda/throat) –it becomes obvious how well we have done in the four lower chakras because this is heard in our voice.  Our test here is to keep our voice harmoniously pitched even when speaking our truth (i.e when constructively criticizing another or sharing angry feelings). We are also expected to refrain from using harmful, hostile words or show any reflection of intolerance or reproach in our eyes.

Assuming, we have managed to juggle these five chakras successfully over a fair period of time, the purified, harmonised energy travels upwards into the sixth chakra (Ajna/third eye). This activates and opens the seventh chakra (Samashara/crown).

You might have thought that once you’d arrived at this ‘halleluyah moment’ it would be easy to keep the chakra wheels turning –  but – NO – the third eye can shut down in a flash at the first sign of arrogance or conceit..

I know we have all experienced glorious days and weeks when we are master jugglers. Then someone insults us, lies, steals from us or treats us unfairly and chakras down the line wobble out of harmony.  It’s frustrating enough that we have to start over but what makes it worse is that the monster that lives inside us (known to the world as EGO), loves nothing more than when we slip from grace because as busy as we are trying to bring our chakra lessons into balance, Ego’s as busy trying to upset the apple cart.  Ego could be described as the bouncer who stands outside each chakra, doing its best not to let us in because if we did reach enlightenment and stay there, Ego would be out of a job.  Every time we sink back into insecurity, become fearful, dislike ourselves or fall apart, ego takes its opportunity to torment us with our weaknesses.  It’s like a pesky leech and the only way to get its clingy suckers off us is to consciously challenge it to stay away every day.Juggler

Every morning I visualise myself drowning ego in a bucket of vinegar and throwing its carcass to the wind.  I then call on ‘higher minds’ assistance to steer me through the day by using an affirmationjuggle like this one: ‘Today I successfully juggle my lower five chakras through any challenges that might await. I approach everything with love, humour and grace and express this through my voice and in my body language.  Thank you higher mind for staying around to prod me if it looks like I’m steering off course’.

Before I go to bed I take my notepad and jot down how well (or not!) I did in each of the five lower chakras and how I intend to better my performance in any chakras that showed weakness the following day.

Some days you’ll find will prove real ‘halleluyah’ days…others will have you jumping up and down on ego’s fat butt!  However, the longer you keep up the above practise, the more glory days you’ll have so give those chakras a spin now to get them started and…

Happy Juggling.

Jaylen Grace is the author of Omtopia (The seven steps to enlightenment)    @jaylengrace



Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like a failure

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like a failure

Did you know that a recent study revealed that on average parents criticise their children 8 times for every one time they were praised? Did you know that research has shown that by the age of 14, 93% of children have a negative self-image because of their parent’s anxiety they won’t do well in life? No wonder so many adults prefer to live life half-asleep when they’ve been made to feel such failures as children!


In my work, I deal with loads of adults who have a negative self-image. They really believe that they are nothing special and say things like ‘Who am I to be brilliant, talented and successful’.  My reply is, ‘WHO ARE YOU NOT TO BE? You are a child of the universe. Get back in touch with your power. Playing small doesn’t help you or anyone’.

 The thing that holds most people back is their fear of failure but I believe that feeling we’re a failure or success is a matter of whether our attitude is negative or positive. Many things have turned prickly in my life but I’ve got so used to sucking lemons, any bitterness is soon swallowed as I dust myself off to face my next learning curve.

I also find strength from men like Thomas Edison – the man who invented the electric light bulb. After his 700th unsuccessful attempt to invent it he was asked by a journalist of the New York Times – so how does it feel to have failed 700 times? Edison replied ‘I haven’t failed once. I have succeeding in finding 700 ways that don’t work and when I’ve picked out the remaining ways that aren’t right, I’ll eventually arrive at the winning one’.

Now there was a man who certainly was not half asleep…

 I know that when you feel stuck, the thought of trying something for the twentieth time is far from easy – However, you could hit the jackpot with just that one more  push so don’t waste too much time pondering on whether to go ahead. As Henry Ford said ‘You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do. You’ve got to fantasize, rehearse and go out into the world and DO IT’.

 It is a fact we can get the mind to believe Health-Quotes-10images (1)anything to either spur us on or stab us in the back. The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow, told this story about how our belief systems can literally kill us off. A client believed he was dead. He’d had a heart attack and survived but couldn’t accept his survival as the truth. The psychologist tried everything to convince him but nothing worked so one day he said to the client. ‘Tell me something, do you believe corpses bleed?’ 

‘Of course not!’ huffed the client, ‘when someone dies all their organs stop functioning so blood can no longer be pumped through the system’

‘Ok,’ said the psychologist, ‘I’ll prick your thumb with this needle and we’ll see what happens.’  He pricked the thumb. Blood spurted out.

‘My God’, gasped the client. ’Who would have believed it. Corpses bleed after all!

Funny story but it illustrates the power our minds can have over us.

So back to our goals and whether we’re living life fully awake or half asleep.  I truly believe the world is our oyster and our common mistake as human beings is wanting to see our goals take flight overnight. And talking about flight, here’s a story about a man who decided some years ago that he was going to eat an aeroplane. He cut the aeroplane into bits and ate some every day. It took him twenty months but he succeeded in proving it could be done (some folk have weird goals lol…)

 But what if you choose a goal and four years later you’ve only moved two squares? Well, in his best selling business book ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ (totally recommend it), Spencer Johnson points out this difference between rats and humans… When rats discover something they’re doing isn’t working, they try something new and don’t give up.  When we humans find something isn’t working, we look for someone to blame.

 So – let’s put on our rubber gloves and working boots and even if we have to build our dream brick by brick, let’s not give up until we see the reality of our efforts smiling back…To live life fully awake is a matter of training the mind to believe it has winner potential so let’s choose a winner’s attitude every day.

 Jaylen Grace is the author of Omtopia (The 7 steps to enlightenment), Omzak the Space Cat Warrior and award winning Porridge The Two Faced Parrot.

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How to delete a rubbish mind

As they say ‘it’s all in the mind’ so should you feel that you are one of life’s losers, this no longer need be your reality.  We choose ‘life outcome’ through the quality, or rubbish in our thoughts and whichever proves stronger, produces the ‘reality’ of their bloom.

Maybe you’re not aware of the incredible power you have to turn your dreams into reality. However most dreams are within our reach. If you haven’t turned your dreams into tangible gifts, it’s either because you stopped believing or sent out mixed mind-messages and blocked universal flow.

From this moment, I’d like you to delete your past negative beliefs. Visualise your mind as an empty field in which you are going to plant new positive thought seeds in the earth.  Some seeds, as you’ll witness, will bring fast results. Others will take more time. However if you keep watering your seeds with positive, loving thought input, the universe will honour its side of the bargain and materialise your wants.

You’ve got to keep believing even when others poke fun at you. You’ve got to keep believing even when you’re not rewarded with the tiniest sign you’ll get what you want.  You’ve got to visualise your negative thoughts like weeds: catch them the second they plop through the mind and pull them out before they can take root.

From today, when a negative thought that belongs to your past comes to dig its nails in your skull, tell it that it’s no longer welcome and you’re done with it. Delete it from your mind by saying aloud ‘DELETE.’ Do not allow it to drag you into pity, sorrow or defeat. Whatever it wants to remind you of say –  ‘That was yesterday. Today I am brand new.  Visualise grabbing the negative thought by the root and tossing it out of your field.

The second you hear yourself think ‘I can’t do that?. How will I survive? What will become of me? No one wants me’... pull out those rotten weeds. Plant positive new seeds

Imagine your brain has been fitted with a brand new recording device which has the power to bring into your life all you dream of. Remember that the tape is new so has nothing written on it.  It has no memory regarding your past beliefs. Whatever you record when you switch it on, will create the future that awaits you.  From today, you are going to switch it on consciously for half an hour every day.


Then, let’s switch it on….

Record a cherished goal i.e.  I am about to be a tremendous success in my career

OR… Money comes to me in miraculous ways

OR… I am loved by and love the right partner for me.

The moment a negative thought creeps in to disrupt your want, rewind the tape immediately and say DELETE.  Replace the negative thought with a positive correction, i.e. Good news is on its way. Say KEEP.

Get used to your days feeling like a ping pong match between DELETE and KEEP. Keep the KEEP side healthy and strong.

Your aim during your daily recording sessions is to become a conscious observer of how thoughts dictate outcome. As this exercise takes root, you’ll find you are there to ‘listen in’ for longer periods and that saying Delete and Keep will become automatic…in the same way driving a car becomes automatic when the rules have been stored in the mind.

Practise in the DELETE/KEEP stakes will ensure your personal brain robot takes over at the wheel so you have ample time to keep planting positive new seeds. Start practicing today and in a month’s time, this method of dismissing negative thoughts will become second nature…

… and the first of your buds could be ready to flower.


Jaylen Grace is the author of Omtopia (7 steps to enlightenment)   Omzak The Space Cat Warrior.  Porridge The Two Faced Parrot.   Jaylen Grace on Twitter

Omtopia by Jaylen Grace

Omtopia by Jaylen Grace






Deep meditation to open the heart

If you wish to feel connected to the whole, here is a meditation to help you transform feelings of suffering to a conscious understanding that it is up to us whether or not we wither or thrive heart-wise.   I know how much pain you’ve felt – how misunderstood and lonely you have felt. Take heart, for when you truly love yourself, nothing can kill your spirit. You will become stronger, not only because forgiveness 3730761will become a natural part of you, it will heal you in the process.       Make yourself comfortable.  Do this meditation with me now:

Imagine that you are deep in a forest, your back resting against the trunk of a big, old tree.  A tree that has been there for hundreds of years, watching families come and go, watching babies being born, watching people fight, make love, grow old and die.

Feel yourself as being part of that tree, observing life as it observes it. No attachment to anything. It stays strong through the storms, knowing they will pass and loves all who sit under it equally. It accepts the person who takes its



fruit. It accepts the person who comes to chop down its trunk, because its roots are strong beneath the earth, and not even a fire can stop its growth, or a hurricane shatter its resolve to see its branches heave with fruit again some day. Imagine that the tree you’re sitting under, looks over a lotus pond, and in the middle of the pond, sits one proud purple lotus flower which has found its way through the mud. You can smell the fragrance of the lotus flower, drifting on the breeze as the branches of the tree fans its perfume in your direction. Take a deep breath. Allow this fragrance into your heart and as you watch, become aware that the purple lotus flower is shimmering with gold. Gold shimmers all around it like a silk spider’s web. See it caught in the sunlight as it starts to rotate like a wheel.

 The more you allow your heart to open, the bigger the rotating wheel becomes, drawing you into the divine where there is freedom from the obstacles in life. The tree and lotus flower, working together, draw you deeper into this vortex of spinning purple and gold energy, filling you with their wisdom and grateful acceptance of life. 

You start to feel gratitude flooding your heart for whatever you have in your life, and as gratitude floods it, you are swept inside a vortex of spinning purple and gold which begins to vibrate around you. Breathing into this energy, your energy field expands and your beautiful, shiny aura, fills the forest. You can see yourself, a capsule of golden light, sitting in the middle of a forest, where everything’s a part of the divine and nothing is judged. 

Breathing out, expand your energy field. Breathing in, breathe in the wisdom of the universe. Breathing out, let go of your conditioned beliefs, the pain, sadness and frustration you feel. Breathing in, breathe more light into your being. Feel your heart expanding. Feel pulsating purple light, penetrating each of your chakras. Visualise your purple lotus flower opening petal by petal and when all the petals are open, breathe this purple consciousness into your heart.  Feel the feeling of love for yourself wash over you.  Let go of everything else.  None of it is real and will pass. Love yourself and you will thrive and never wither.


 Jaylen Grace is the author of Omzak, Porridge and Omtopia.  She has been a Reiki master and spiritual life coach for over thirty years  @jaylengrace








Last week, on a Comedy Writing Course at City Lit in London, we were asked to share an embarrassing moment. I have so many I could write a book, but the memory that came back was an incident that took place at a Buddhist retreat many years ago. A boyfriend had just dumped me and I was feeling bruised, so a seven day haven which included writing workshops struck me as the ideal place to lick my wounds.


I didn’t know what to expect but felt elated when the mini cab dropped me off at an old beamed house surrounded by woodland.  I was late and all the students were already in the dining room, deep in porridge, muesli and live yoghurt.  They were sitting squashed together on benches trying to maneuver their spoons and forks. The only vacant spot was next to a girl called Kate who was sobbing because her boyfriend had just dumped her!  Not my ideal breakfast partner, but, when she held out her arms for a hug I obliged, hoping I wouldn’t cross her path too often.

‘Om shanti, I hope you enjoy your time with us,’ a teacher said, slipping a sheet of paper into my hand.

When I read it I nearly fainted. It was a long list of my household duties. I hadn’t been expecting that as part of my recovery therapy; nor the fact we’d be woken every morning at 5a.m.! The next jolt was the sleeping arrangements. I was sharing a dormitory with nine other women. And guess who had the bed next to mine – KATE!

I didn’t know about ‘crying therapy’ at the time but three days into the retreat I could have happily suffocated Kate with a pillow.  She wailed with the owls at night and woke up wailing with the morning birds. I was dog tired from the minute I got out of bed to the minute my head hit the pillow.

The writing workshops consisted mainly of poetry. My mind was so weary the only thing I could come up with was an ode about a lazy, fat cat whose days were spent being shoved off peoples’ laps. I joined a screaming therapy session to appease my urge to ram a boot down Kate’s throat but my deepest source of misery stemmed from the fact my bowels hadn’t ejected the mountain of chickpeas and lentils that were served up at every meal, and I’d started to inelegantly break wind.

The good news was that I was able to share my woes with my new mate Keith. He was a Buddhist retreat virgin like myself and had attended the screaming session to get rid of the stress he’d accumulated since his arrival.

On our last evening, the meditation in the shrine room was to be a special one that included a ceremony of forgiveness, gratitude and thanksgiving.  Whilst Keith and I had no idea what it entailed, we were looking forward to it – apart from my reservation that my gut felt ready to give birth to a donkey because I was so constipated.

‘Mind over matter,’ Keith said, dragging me in.’You’ll be fine. Stop worrying.’

Everyone was sitting on cushions facing each other on either side of an aisle. We grabbed the two remaining cushions and joined in with the meditation. The fermented beans in my stomach did a somersault. A crude sound left my behind. I coughed into my hand to cover it up but farted even louder.  The woman next to me giggled. My brow breaking out in a sweat, I squeezed my buttocks together hard.

At the sound of a gong, the couple nearest the front, bowed to a statue of Buddha. Swaying and dancing they lit incense sticks and circled them over their heads. When they fell to their knees and brought their foreheads to the ground, Keith and I stared at each other. I knew his look of horror was because he was afraid of making a fool of himself. My concern was that kneeling on the floor with my butt in the air spelled DANGER!

I thought about making a run for it but by the time our turn came, I was back in control. All went well until I circled the incense stick –when I could feel a giant fart trying to get out. I crossed my legs to stop it coming and when Keith dropped to his knees, tensely followed, praying the vision in my mind wouldn’t become physical reality. Too late!!!!!With the speed of a rocket, the wind trapped in my stomach, blasted out of the now, open back door and the reverent silence was shattered by disgusting mega-tone farts.

My cheeks the colour of plums, I peeked at Keith. ‘Don’t try to blame me,’ he spluttered.

My acute embarrassment IMG-20130714-01471made me laugh with hysteria, which resulted in another flurry of farts. When I stood up, everyone was howling with mirth and rolling about the aisles.  Laughing, crying and farting, I scurried into the garden and hugged a tree for solace, wondering where I’d ever find the courage to face the others again.

Later in the kitchen, full of love and goodwill, everyone came together to give me group hug. ‘I’m sure Buddha’s still laughing his head off,’ one of our teachers grinned. ‘Thanks for making his celebration so memorable.’