How to delete a rubbish mind

As they say ‘it’s all in the mind’ so should you feel that you are one of life’s losers, this no longer need be your reality.  We choose ‘life outcome’ through the quality, or rubbish in our thoughts and whichever proves stronger, produces the ‘reality’ of their bloom.

Maybe you’re not aware of the incredible power you have to turn your dreams into reality. However most dreams are within our reach. If you haven’t turned your dreams into tangible gifts, it’s either because you stopped believing or sent out mixed mind-messages and blocked universal flow.

From this moment, I’d like you to delete your past negative beliefs. Visualise your mind as an empty field in which you are going to plant new positive thought seeds in the earth.  Some seeds, as you’ll witness, will bring fast results. Others will take more time. However if you keep watering your seeds with positive, loving thought input, the universe will honour its side of the bargain and materialise your wants.

You’ve got to keep believing even when others poke fun at you. You’ve got to keep believing even when you’re not rewarded with the tiniest sign you’ll get what you want.  You’ve got to visualise your negative thoughts like weeds: catch them the second they plop through the mind and pull them out before they can take root.

From today, when a negative thought that belongs to your past comes to dig its nails in your skull, tell it that it’s no longer welcome and you’re done with it. Delete it from your mind by saying aloud ‘DELETE.’ Do not allow it to drag you into pity, sorrow or defeat. Whatever it wants to remind you of say –  ‘That was yesterday. Today I am brand new.  Visualise grabbing the negative thought by the root and tossing it out of your field.

The second you hear yourself think ‘I can’t do that?. How will I survive? What will become of me? No one wants me’... pull out those rotten weeds. Plant positive new seeds

Imagine your brain has been fitted with a brand new recording device which has the power to bring into your life all you dream of. Remember that the tape is new so has nothing written on it.  It has no memory regarding your past beliefs. Whatever you record when you switch it on, will create the future that awaits you.  From today, you are going to switch it on consciously for half an hour every day.


Then, let’s switch it on….

Record a cherished goal i.e.  I am about to be a tremendous success in my career

OR… Money comes to me in miraculous ways

OR… I am loved by and love the right partner for me.

The moment a negative thought creeps in to disrupt your want, rewind the tape immediately and say DELETE.  Replace the negative thought with a positive correction, i.e. Good news is on its way. Say KEEP.

Get used to your days feeling like a ping pong match between DELETE and KEEP. Keep the KEEP side healthy and strong.

Your aim during your daily recording sessions is to become a conscious observer of how thoughts dictate outcome. As this exercise takes root, you’ll find you are there to ‘listen in’ for longer periods and that saying Delete and Keep will become automatic…in the same way driving a car becomes automatic when the rules have been stored in the mind.

Practise in the DELETE/KEEP stakes will ensure your personal brain robot takes over at the wheel so you have ample time to keep planting positive new seeds. Start practicing today and in a month’s time, this method of dismissing negative thoughts will become second nature…

… and the first of your buds could be ready to flower.


Jaylen Grace is the author of Omtopia (7 steps to enlightenment)   Omzak The Space Cat Warrior.  Porridge The Two Faced Parrot.   Jaylen Grace on Twitter

Omtopia by Jaylen Grace

Omtopia by Jaylen Grace








Reaching the Number One slot for Three Faces of Sex on Amazon this week was another fulfilling moment in my life – firstly for me as the unknown horse in the race who charged past the favourites to cross the winning line – and secondly for every other unknown out there who seeks proof that when unshakable self belief is applied to practical nut-and-bolt thinking and steps, everything in God’s world is achievable.

You’ll know if you followed my series of Self Publishing blogs.  that I promised to show you how you could make money self publishing. You will also know about my earlier claim to fame for a book I wrote which is currently selling for $350 on the internet!   The irony of that story is that I didn’t make a penny – but today I’m ready to share with you the components that comprised my CONSCIOUS journey to the No. 1 slot on Amazon and to tell you how to keep the momentum going when new horses start galloping past to claim your throne.

As a long standing international life coach who has spent the past 30 years helping others realise their dreams, the first thing I want to say to YOU is that you can do anything you set your mind to. The reason why some never see their dreams become reality is because their goals are too fuzzy, so let’s blow fuzziness out the back door and make our priority CLEAR GOAL VISUALISATION.   In this case, we’ll apply the principles I used for Three Faces of Sex so that more of you unknown authors can bask in the glow of reaching No.1 position in the charts.

If this blog was about how to find a soul-mate/life partner, I could offer you techniques that have often been known to take root within a miraculously short time.  However, getting a book into the top three requires at least a year’s prep work.  Rather than going through it step by step and wasting paper space, please read at least a couple of my self-publishing blogs and we’ll move on from there.

So, assuming you have a great website that attracts regular visitors, have spent time building up your following on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, have written regular blogs so that you’re not a complete unknown to the world, let’s fast forward to six weeks before publication of your ebook when:  Your book cover has been designed, the blurb for back cover sorted and you’re ready to hand your work to a publisher who can also help you with the marketing side of things.

Since for Three Faces of Sex, I wanted to showcase the most inexpensive way of gaining global recognision for your work so that even those with limited funds could join the race, I chose Publish Nation as my publisher. Their editor proof read and formatted book to best effect for £95. The cost of publishing ebook was £95 and the marketing deal for free Kindle download weekend on Amazon was £95.

Whilst this was bubbling in the background, [Read more…]

Are you grieving for someone you lost?



A woman lost her young son in a tragic accident and was utterly distraught.  For weeks she cried and cried. and the sound of her heart torn sobbing, could be heard throughout the town.

Neighbours came, offering words of solace, but she could not be shaken from her grief, and one day, at the point of taking her own life, she was told about a wise man who lived in the next city. A man who could perhaps answer the question as to why her young son had been taken from her.  So the distraught woman went off in search of him and having found his house, knocked at the door.

  He looked a very kindly man, so she told him her story and posed her question. ‘Why me, why my son?’29404_425835237478048_749618179_n

 The wise man stroked his beard, went inside and returned with an empty glass jar, which he gave to the woman. ‘Go to every house in the city and ask anyone who’s never known tragedy in their family, to put a mustard seed in here’ he said.

 Thus the woman went off, knocking at door after door and talking to the people who came out until the sun started to go down.  It was a beautiful sunset, so she sat watching it for a while. Then she went back to the wise man’s house.

 ‘I understand now, thank you’ she said, handing back the jar.

 The wise man held the glass jar up to the light. It was just as he’d thought…Completely empty.


Another excerpt from Omtopia (The seven steps to enlightenment) by Reiki master  Jaylen Grace.   @jaylengrace